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Fellowship Overview

The Jazz & Heritage Fellowships are intended for people who have already demonstrated a remarkable capacity to document cultural and artistic aspects of New Orleans and/or Louisiana, through productive scholarship via public presentations, publications, or exhibitions.
Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Jazz & Heritage Archive’s resources by either visiting the Archive or speaking with the Archivists. Please note some of our collections are on our online catalog and can be found at
Applicants can be either an academic or an independent scholar with a considerable record of achievement.
How to Apply
Go to the Foundation’s site in FluidReview at  sign up, create a profile and start an application. 
Fellowship Outline
A maximum of 3 fellowships will be awarded annually for $5,000 each. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed. Fellows must provide a mid-project report or presentation.
Application open:            September 15, 2017
Application deadline:     October 31, 2017
Award notification:         November 29, 2017
The Fellowship program has three purposes. First, is to encourage the scholarly use of the collections in the Jazz & Heritage Archive. Second, is to support new documentation projects that produce primary resource material of lasting value for future research use in the Jazz & Heritage Archive. Third, is to encourage scholarship regionally.
While the Jazz & Heritage Archive resources should play a central role in the proposed research agenda, fellows are also encouraged to explore other research facilities in the Greater New Orleans area. The majority of our collection is not in our online catalog and all applicants are strongly encouraged to call the Archive to discuss materials of interest.
Archive Mission
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation Archive is an educational service that identifies, collects, preserves, and protects materials of cultural and historical significance to New Orleans and Louisiana as well as the records of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation and its assets and programs. These materials are to be used solely for scholarly research and interpretation and to support the mission of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

Instructions For Submitting an Application
Step 1: Make an Account or Sign In
Need an Account? Click the “Sign Up” button on the right to create an account using your email.
You will be asked to select a grant category from a drop-down menu. However, you will have other opportunities to submit an application in a different category if you prefer.
After you sign up, check your email for an account activation link. You should receive the email within a couple of minutes. Make sure to type your email correctly!
Already have an account? "Sign In” on the right side of this page, using your email address and password to access your profile.
Once logged in, you will be taken to a Home Page, where you will be able to see the status of any “submissions,” or applications that you may have started. Or you will be able to create a new one.
Step 2: Complete the online application form
If you have previously started an application, you will see it listed in the “Your Tasks” section. To continue working on these applications, click on “continue.”
If you have not previously started an application, the “Your Tasks” section will not appear on your screen.
To start a new application, see the section “Create A New Submission.” Select Fellowship from the drop-down menu and click on “Get Started.”
When you get to your user account’s Home Page, click on the application name or “Start” to begin work on your application.
If you want to save your work and finish it later, complete any items on the page you are currently viewing, then click on “Save and Continue Editing,” and then log out. You will be able to resume work on the application the next time you log in.

Step 3: Submit Your Application
When your application is complete and ready to submit, it will be listed as “Complete” on your user account Home Page.
When you have finished working on your application, you must submit it in order for it to be considered for review. Your application will not be complete until you click on the “Submit Full Application” button from your user account’s home page.
To submit your application, click on the grey button that says “Submit”
After you have submitted your application, you can look at it from your user account Home Page. Click on “View.” From there, you will be able to down load it for your files.  Your application will not be complete until you click on the “Submit Full Application” button from your user account’s home page.

Cancelling Your Application
If you want to cancel you application for any reason – like if you want to apply in a different category – it’s easy to do. From your user account Home Page,  on the button at the bottom right that says “Withdraw Submission.”  If you choose this option, please also send an email to to make sure we know to mark the application as withdrawn.

Questions about the Archive Fellowship should be directed to the Jazz & Heritage Archive.  Please call 504-558-6138. 
For questions about the Catapult Fund, Community Partnership Grants and/or other programs of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, please contact You may also call us by phone at (504) 558-6103 or (504) 558-6108.

If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact contact and the software application providers can help address your questions.